Stolen Jewellery Personal Plea to recover stolen jewellery

Please be on the look out for stolen jewellery! I am hugely grateful that my parents were not home the night of Saturday March 17th when their house was broken into and they were robbed. The thief knew exactly what he was there for and got it easily. Apparently he had a master key to their safe which is a frightening thought. Yes, he took the family’s legacy; all my grandmother’s and great grandmother’s jewellery. 

My entire life is sprinkled with fond memories of rooting through my Mom’s jewellery box with my sisters hearing the stories of each precious piece. I am sorry that it is only the pieces with a substantial monetary value that were cataloged for the insurance. My favourite, a broach made of butterfly wings, I will probably never see again.

If you see any of these pieces please contact Waterloo Regional Police and site Incident # WA19060832  519-570-9777