A Personal Journey Through the Tarot: 5 of Cups


Most of us have a hard time looking into the face of grief. In our uncomfort we placate the griever by saying things like; “it’s OK”, “Cheer up” or worse: “it’s god’s plan”. Grief over loss is a natural response. It has no time line and, as it is expressed differently for each of us there is no guiding map. In order to recover from it the griever must give in to the grief and express and experience it whole heartedly. 

Then they must return. We cannot live in the belly of grief for ever. Grief is a journey and at some point we must come home from it. This is not to say that we will ever forget that which we have lost, but that life must go on and there comes a time when we must re-engage with it. If we do not return from grief we are just ghosts in a living world. 

Today I draw the Five of Cups and reflect upon that which I have lost. Do I still suffer from this loss? How can I honour that which has been lost so my suffering can be alleviated? That which has been lost deserves to be remembered but I also deserve to be whole again. What do I need to do to make both those states a reality? 

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