The Emperor


The majority of symbology in The Emperor card points to the human experience over the spiritual experience. He wears armour telling us of his need to protect the body as it is the driving force of his experience. His physical control over this experience is shown in the crossing of his legs. He sits upon the Cube of Space which tells us he is well aware that living this life is his higher purpose. The globus cruciger (the cross bearing orb) is the symbol of his dominion over the world and his association to the Ram of Aries speaks to his leadership role.

There are different types of leaders. There are those who’s concern is for their immediate family. There are those who’s concerns are for their community and there are those who’s concerns are for all of humanity. The first two styles of leadership are susceptible to the “us vs. them” mentality which can lead to conflict and war. The last style of leadership focuses on co-operation and benefit to all. The Emperor is this type of a leader. 

Political and religious leaders, by their nature, consider just their community. They are obligated to represent their citizens/congregations so have no choice but to play by the “us vs. them” rules. As citizens we often look to our politicians to solve global issues and then are sorely disappointed. No wonder as the nature of a politician is to first serve those who finance them. For these politicians those who vote for them come second, and the rest of their constituents come third. The entire global need will never be their concern.

It is philanthropists that have the opportunity to embody the energetics of the Emperor. Having reached their status by their own volition they can set their own agendas and they have the financial wherewithal to accomplish their goals. But how do we, as individuals, influence these philanthropists? As business people, philanthropists will respond to revenue. Your influence over this type of philanthropist is your consumer and investment dollar. Two news stories came my way this week which speak to this process: Microsoft declaring it will be carbon negative by 2050 and BlackRock, the world’s largest asset manager, will make climate change central to its investment decisions. As the US government is moving backwards on these issues, it is the corporations that are able to move forward. 

Recently I was reminded of the Rotary four way test; 

Is it the truth

Is it fair to all concerned

Will it bring goodwill and better friendships

Will it be beneficial to all concerned

It is easy to associate these tests to the elements and their perspective Kings. King of Swords: Is it the truth, King of Wands; Is it fair to all concerned, King of Cups; Will it bring goodwill and better friendships, King of Pentacles; Will it be beneficial to all concerned. It is the Emperor, The King of Kings, that will consider all four. 

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