The Emperor

It is philanthropists that have the opportunity to embody the energetics of the Emperor. Having reached their status by their own volition they can set their own agendas and they have the financial wherewithal to accomplish their goals. But how do we, as individuals, influence these philanthropists?

The Empress

Mastery To understand the true nature of existence we can not live in denial. The secret lies within  acceptance of...

The High Priestess

The High Priestess, dependable in her spiritual nature, is the Tarot’s initial symbol of the subconscious.

The Magician

Gaze firmly fixed upon the alter, thoughts clear and pure, The Magician pulls infinite potential through the self where it is shaped and molded before being sent into the manifest world.

The Fool

The day your desire wins out over your inner voice of uncertainty will be the day the leap is made.

Stories of the Tableau 7

Today I contemplate the nature of cycles. One thing always leads to the next as we spiral through life. Celebrating the small moments along the way creates a more enjoyable ride.

Stories of the Tableau 6

Today I contemplate the nature of transformation. Every transformation begins with a commitment to a decision, works through its consequences and results in a manifestation. Regardless of outcome my ability to live without regret comes from taking responsibility for every step along the way.

Stories of the Tableau 5

Today I contemplate how we can teach those who refuse to learn. Stepping into a new realm of knowledge can be exciting and rejuvenating. It can lead to new and wonderful places. Perhaps what is needed now is a focus on the new and wonderful world we can build together.

Stories of the Tableau 4

Today I contemplate our collective civilization. As much as civilization needs strong leadership it also needs participating citizens. If we expect our leaders to do better then we also need to do better.

Stories of the Tableau 3

Today I contemplate my dark self. Often I descend into a realm of darkness and isolation, but I know that as the sun rises and sets so too will this time pass. Through the love and patience of family and friends I ascend again, stronger in my realization that I am not alone.