The Magician

Ideas can come and go like a gentle breeze on a misty meadow. We all have them. They come as fleeting glimpses into alternate realities that could be realized if and when an idea where to be acted upon. Alas, most ideas remain as just that; a fleeting glimpse. Why? Because the ability to manifest is no small talent. 

Turning ideas into reality requires things like will power, focus and determination but the root of it all must be desire. Desire is what coxes the Fool to take the initial leap and in this card it cloaks the Magician as focus and determination are enacted. The Red Cloak of Desire is worn with ease and can be removed just as readily showing us that the Magician’s desire is not uncontrollable. In fact, it is through concise control not only of desire but also will and determination that the Magician manifests.

Gaze firmly fixed upon the alter, thoughts clear and pure, The Magician pulls infinite potential through the self where it is shaped and molded before being sent into the manifest world.

What is the idea? A business? a new school? a project? a new path? If your desire is strong enough, you’re willing to put in the work and are determined to see it through, the rest should follow. 

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