The Fool

Embedded in the Fool is The Wheel of Fortune. Change is inevitable; depicted on the Fool’s tunic it is as if it were woven into the fabric of our lives. 

Why should the Fool take this leap? Already standing at the peak of the Mountain of Attainment, why leap off just to spend an eternity trying to return? Desire. The Fool is filled with desire that shows itself in red. As the lining of the tunic it is what underpins all change. As the feather in the cap it shows Desire at the top of the Fool’s thoughts. 

The Fool packed for this leap so it is not taken unprepared and, as the satchel is red, Desire is the reason. We have all been here. Standing at the precipice about to make a decision that will change everything. Should you stay or should you go? Should you commit or should you walk away? Until the leap is made we will never see the place of our landing. What are you feeling; clenched throat, shortness of breath, butterflies in the stomach, dry mouth?  Is this fear or is this excitement? They feel very similar to the body, so which is it?

Is it possible that what you think you may be frightened of you are actually excited by? Is it possible to change fear to excitement so you are able to make the Fool’s leap? The day your desire wins out over your inner voice of uncertainty will be the day the leap is made. 

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