Stories of the Tableau 7

Chariot – Temperance – World

At some point in life, regardless of how ready we believe we are, we must eventually strike out into the world on our own.

The Chariot may seem to be in motion but upon closer look we see the sphinxes are sitting and the Chariot itself is a huge block of concrete. This young person has been fully informed by their teachers and mentors but has yet to formulate their own ideas. They are enthusiastic but still weighed down by their past. 

A time eventually comes when the person out on their own begins to trust themselves. They rise up out of the rules and regulations imposed by society and their past and ascend to a place where they become their own authority. It is now completely up to them how they find balance in their lives. 

When a type of balance is achieved our young person can reach their goal and celebrate the achievement. This is the time when perhaps things may become still again, but actually a flow through point has been reached. Under their own strength and determination enacting their own sense of willpower the person “levels up” and begins again. 

Today I contemplate the nature of cycles. One thing always leads to the next as we spiral through life. Celebrating the small moments along the way creates a more enjoyable ride. 

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