A Personal Journey Through the Tarot: 4 of Cups


As with most things, life flows in cycles. There are times when we feel engaged and enthusiastic and there are times when we wish the entire world would go away for a while and leave us alone. Reflective inner times. In a society that values engagement and constant striving we may be left to believe that the quiet times are unhealthy and unnatural but as much as the human body needs to inhale, it also needs to exhale. Both have value. 

Every artist knows this time. It is the void between projects. It is the time when we fear we will never have another creative idea, ever. We must be gentle with ourselves during this time as we are just recharging. With a change of tack, a small distraction, we may stumble upon exactly what we need. 

Today I draw the Four of Cups and decide to stop punishing myself. Instead of questioning my mood I will go do something else. I will take myself to someplace new, I will dust off the old and make it shiny again. 

4 of Cups

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