A Personal Journey Through the Tarot: High Priestess and the Twos


In a traditionally rendered deck the High Priestess sits in a place of balance between the pillars of Mercy and Severity. Her power comes from a state of neutrality between extremes. To maintain this balance is a skill that remains a great mystery to most of us. 

In our day to day world we are constantly struggling with opposites. Do we follow the bliss or the money? Do we choose peace or succumb to chaos? Do we focus on family or on work? Is it “me” or ‘we” or is it “us” and “them”? As we flow between these states of extreme the High Priestess remains in balance. What is her secret? It rests in the Twos.

The Two of Pentacles talks about the practicality of life, juggling work with play, obligation with frivolity, responsibility with abandon. The Juggler looks like he is off balance but he is not, he is just showing off. Without balance none of this is possible. The Juggler only juggles that which he chooses to juggle. Taking ownership of his choices allows him to do it with a sense of joy. 

The Two of cups talks about love, but not just any love. The caduceus is showing us how two people can live their lives together while still being single entities. The two do not completely merge they journey separately then return to share, go off again to experience then come back again. They are not in the same place when they return, they have grown and changed but they still return and share. The journey of love embarked upon in this manner means that you do not lose yourself in the relationship. One does not sacrifice them self for the other. You both support and nurture each other in balance so you both can be the best you possible. 

The Two of Swords talks about finding a state of mental peace even though life is filled with chaos. One needs to come to the realization that there will always be chaos. That life outside of ourselves is uncontrollable and unpredictable and a state of peace in the world will never be achieved. When one realizes that the only attainable peace is the peace of within the journey to stillness begins. 

The Two of Wands talks about the balance achieved when you remember what the reason for your actions is. If you have struck out to make wealth to support your family then you must come back to the family to share it. If they have supported you in the task you must support them in the achievement. 

Today I contemplate the High Priestess and the nature of duality. The best way I can help the world find balance is by finding my own balance.

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