A Personal Journey Through The Tarot: Empress and the Threes


The Empress is the chaos of the Universe. We may see this as unpredictable and uncontrollable but she actually governs with strict rules of engagement. The speed of light, the laws of physics, the passage of time are all unyielding yet set the stage for all of life. How does she remain so fruitful in this environment of uncompromising chaos? 

Her power is alluded to in the threes but can also be learned in her garden. 

The Tree of Pentacles talks about joy in the work. Gardeners love their gardens and although there is always work to be done it is a labour of love that instills a great sense of pride and purpose. It not only benefits the gardener but also the community blessed by its presence. 

The Three of Swords talks about the pain of loss. Gardeners are very aware that Death and Decay reside in the garden. A rose is a weed if it is in a corn field. When a Gardener is unyielding about the pulling and pruning, the cutting and the trimming the decay within the compost is large and their garden thrives. 

The Three of Wands talks about the patience required when waiting upon a return of investment. A Gardener can do all they can to nurture, water and feed a flower, but it still will not bloom before it’s time. The more care given to the garden will produce a more amazing bounty but the bounty will still only arrive in its own time. 

The Three of Cups talks about celebration. To fully appreciate and find joy in all the labour the results must be celebrated. The Gardener does not wait to do all the celebrating at once. The celebrations are enjoyed as each cycle of the garden is realized. Solstice: harvest of the herbs and early fruits. Lammas: harvest of the grains, corns and more fruits. Equinox: harvest of the roots and even more fruits, Samhain: harvest of the squashes. 

Today I contemplate The Empress and the Threes. Life can be bountiful if we understand that a  sense of purpose comes from pride in your work, pain and suffering are inevitable, patience is required and it’s important to have fun. 

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