A Personal Journey Through the Tarot: The Empress

Natural Chaos

In the Tarot the Empress is Chaos and the Emperor is Order. They make the perfect pair. Life expands its diversity through chaos always making new combinations, growing, dying and forever changing. The Emperor attempts to apply order to that chaos to increase its production output. Although, as much as we attempt to apply order, it is not always successful. There are just somethings which are out of our control. Learning to be flexible in the face of chaos increases our chances for survival. 

In readings the Empress is the Queen of Queens. If the Emperor is the thrown the Empress is the power behind it. She is the ultimate Wife and Mother. She is also the ultimate dictator, severe and strict in her decisions. When the Empress makes a promise she sticks to it. When it rains it will always rain down, night will always follow day, winter will always follow autumn, death will always follow life. If we warm the planet, the climate will change. You can count on it. 

Today I draw the Empress and reflect upon surrendering to the chaos in my life. Good luck, bad luck, who’s to say?  Can I work with the situation that is being presented to me? Can I be flexible enough to change tact when the situation changes? 

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