A Personal Journey Through the Tarot: 7 of Pentacles


Congratulations! You have worked extremely hard and it is paying off. There is a huge sense of pride that comes with a job well done. This is cause for celebration but, as it is with farming, you also know that this job is never really done. You will need to return to it to keep the rewards flowing. Knowing what part you can enjoy and what part needs to be reinvested is the skill reflected upon in this card. 

Understanding how much of your return needs to be reinvested is just as important as knowing when to cut your losses if the project is not working. Sometimes the most difficult decision in any project is the one that acknowledges its failure and what needs to be done to stop the bleeding. During these times you can remind yourself that failure is just a stepping stone to future success. 

Today I draw the Seven of Pentacles and reflect upon my harvest. Is it all I expected it to be? Was it or will it be worth the effort? At the end of the day can I be proud of the work that has been accomplished? 

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