A Personal Journey Through the Tarot: 10 of Cups

Happy Happy Joy Joy

When we realize happiness is not about the “stuff” in our lives but instead about the relationships in our lives, true joy can be experienced. We can then make the choice to engage with the people we love and create deeper emotional connections with our family and friends. Taking the time to acknowledge this and enjoy it when we have it is how we come home to our heart. 

To have a happy place for our heart to come home to requires honesty. This happy home can not exist if deception lives there. The heart is vulnerable and requires a loving trusting environment to experience joy.  

Today I draw the 10 of Cups and reflect upon my ability to choose happiness. Have I created a loving tribe of family and friends that I can trust and love whole heartedly? Do I allow myself to find joy and pleasure in their company? Do I share this with them? 

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