A Personal Journey Through the Tarot: 4 of Wands


Marriage is a social contract that states that the participating parties will strive to live, work and love together to make a life for themselves as a single unit. It is a declaration to the community that the couple will be accountable to each other, and will strive to create a sum which is greater than its parts. The contract states they will care for each other and be financially and legally responsible to each other. Enacted with community and family support it can become a strong bond that allows the couple to rely on each other well into the future. 

A marriage is a democracy not a dictatorship. The moment one person declares supremacy over the other the contract has failed and should be annulled. A marriage requires work, daily. The couple should never take this contract for granted. This is a contract that should not be entered into lightly. 

Today I draw the Four of Wands and reflect upon my marriage. Is there a two way street of respect and care? Have we worked out the rules of engagement that allow us to deal with conflict? Do we both give 100% so that we are always greater together than apart? 

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