A Personal Journey Through the Tarot: 10 of Swords


Conceding defeat is never an easy action. In fighting to succeed we have overly invested in a positive outcome and will fight tooth and nail to make it happen. If defeat is imminent there must be a recognition and understanding that the game is lost. When that happens the regrouping and healing can begin. Although it feels like all is lost defeat is just an ending that opens the door to a new beginning. It is impossible to see the opportunities of the new beginning while still fighting against the inevitable defeat. 

There is no place to go from here but up. Every defeat is a learning opportunity that helps us gain experience. By acknowledging and understanding what brought us to the defeat we can hopefully avoid it in the future. Learning from our mistakes is what makes human’s so successful. 

Today I draw the 10 of Swords and acknowledge that which I have lost. There is no need to wallow in despair, we all make mistakes. It is time to get up, dust off and start anew. 

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