A Personal Journey Through the Tarot: 8 of Pentacles


Quiet determination is required to master any skill. No matter how long we have been specializing in something, trying to master it often makes us feel as if we have no experience at all. Returning to basics, have the courage to do the familiar in unfamiliar ways, and having the tenacity to work through the set backs are all required on the road to Mastery. 

Even though you may already consider yourself an expert, becoming a Master requires you to put yourself back into the student’s roll. Then, when the deed is done and you have your Mastery, a new sense of purpose and pride may be claimed. 

Today I draw the Eight of Pentacles and reflect upon my skill set. Am I a Jack of all trades and Master of none? Do I have the patience and will power to focus long enough to become a Master in my field?  What does my Masterpiece look like? 

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