A Personal Journey Through the Tarot: The Devil

Warning! Your illusion has overwhelmed you.  

The human experience starts with a body. We are all given one at birth. It is through our bodies that we get to experience and quantify life. Without a body we would never know that wine tastes good, chocolate is yummy and sex is fun! Unfortunately though, your body is an accident prone unsupervised chemical factory.  The chemicals created and craved by your body affect your emotional and mental responses to your environment. Knowing when to listen and when to enact discipline is the key to living in balance with your body.

Our bodies are such a large part of who we are that it can be easy to forget the rest of what makes us up. This is the illusion. With strong will power our minds can become the supervisor of the chemical factory that is our body. With critical thinking we can change our experience of the world. If your body is the car, your mind and spirit should be the driver and navigator. All three working in balance can take you to amazing places. 

Today I draw the Devil and reflect upon how I am taking care of my body. Are my addictions out of control? Is my body in charge of my experience? Can I overcome my short comings to see the bigger picture of my life? 

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