A Personal Journey Through the Tarot: The Sun

 Let Your True Self Shine

The journey through life can be a journey to self. When we are young our view points and understandings are shaped by those who raise us. As we grow older we face opportunities that force us to question the assumptions we carry from childhood. Older still and we have revelations that allow us to reevaluate old ideas and construct new perspectives. It is then that we reach a place where we know for certain that the philosophies and beliefs we carry are our own. It is at this point we can become our authentic selves. 

The Sun card represents the ability to display the authentic self. Understanding who you are and what motivates you builds a strong sense of self esteem which leads to fearlessly following your bliss. 

Today I draw the Sun and reflect upon my authentic self. Do I speak my truth? Do I honour my needs, do I let my freak flag fly? 

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