A Personal Journey Through the Tarot: Knight of Pentacles

The Manager

The Knight of Pentacles is an excellent manager. They are team builders and problem solvers. With a very practical attitude this Knight not only manages people well but also manages money well. Dependable and prudent this person has an excellent capacity to innovate while remaining budget conscious. Loyalty is a happy side effect in those who have the pleasure to work with this Knight. 

However, when this Knight is stressed (ill defined) there is a tendency toward materialism. The moment money and product become more important than people is the moment this Knight has lost everything. 

Today I draw the The Knight of Pentacles and reflect upon the relationships I have forged in the work that I do. Do I respect everyone I work with? Do I remember everyday that each person I work with is a human being with their own trials and tribulations? Is everyone properly compensated for the work that they do? 

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