A Personal Journey Through the Tarot: Knight of Cups

The Artist

The Knight of Cups is a sensitive artistic person who is constantly striving to find their place in the Universe. It is very hard for this Knight to not take life personally as they wear their heart on their sleeve. They love to love and are highly romantic individuals always trying to extract the most out of the present moment. 

Constantly questing for a greater meaning, these knights can be lead astray by addiction in their search. They have difficulty planning for the future as their quest hinges upon satisfaction in the Now. They are happiest when given the tools and time to be creative in their chosen field.   

Today I draw the The Knight of Cups and reflect upon my creativity. Can I bring my mind back to the task at hand and focus on it completely? Can I honour my creativity as it ebbs and flows like the tides? Can I be patient with myself when things seem to not be flowing? 

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