A Personal Journey Through the Tarot: Justice


Justice is a man made construct. The rules and regulations we create for ourselves so that a lot of us can live together with a feeling of safety. We give authority to an overreaching organization and assume that the organization will be fair and equal in its decisions as to who gets what kind of punishment in the face of the caught indiscretion. We hope Justice is blind in the way that no prejudice or entitlement is enacted upon. But humans are fallible, justice is rarely blind and often punishment is not fair. 

Justice is a man made construct. If we want justice for those who are being discriminated against we must make new laws to protect them. We must work the system that we ourselves have created to ensure equity for all. We must demand our governing bodies enact the kind of justice that truly does not favour the entitled. Equity for all means entitlement for none. If you feel you are entitled to anything you are not being just. 

Justice is a man made construct. If you want justice in your own life you must first decide what that looks like. If a behaviour of another is causing you harm and you lay an ultimatum at their feet, you must act upon it if the indiscretion continues. If you do not you will never find justice. 

Today I draw Justice and reflect upon my sense of equity. Is everyone in the situation being treated fairly and with dignity? Do I act towards others as I expect them to act towards me? Am I expecting special treatment anywhere or am I allowing the situation to unfold on an even playing field? 

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