A Personal Journey Through the Tarot: 2 of Pentacles

The Juggler 

In our lives we may be many different things to many different people. Living up to the expectations of all the masks we wear can be a full time job. We work to take care of family, we take care of family so they can work, we support our friends in their endeavours and we get involved to make a difference. But where are we in all of that? Who is supporting our dreams and our needs? Making sure that one of the obligations we support is our own life may not be obvious to some, but it is necessary.

The Juggler looks like his actions are frantic but he is skilled and is actually at ease. He has practiced and honed his talent and only juggles what he knows he can keep aloft. His movements have become second nature and he is having fun in the process. Can juggling all aspects of your life be this easy? If not then you have too many balls in the air. Put some down until you find ease in the action but make sure your own needs is one ball you keep aloft. 

Today I draw the 2 of Pentacles and reflect upon my endeavours. Am I supporting my dream or have I sacrificed it to support others? Have I found a happy balance between what must be done and what I want to do? Do I feel obligated to juggle everyone else’s balls but my own? 

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