A Personal Journey Through the Tarot: The Magician and the Primes


The esoteric elements are symbols of unpredictable primal natural forces. The Magician’s skill is to focus those elements in an attempt to manifest change as he sees fit. After his will power, the most important tool for the Magician is his alter. The alter symbolizes his focus. 

In the tarot we know the Primes are representing different aspects of our lives; our emotions and thought, our health and drive. The entire collection of the minor arcana are meditations dedicated to contemplating these aspects of ourselves. Manifesting change in our lives comes from how we manage these elements within us. We manage these elements through focus, will power and determination (all the Magician’s skills). 

Once a desired change is verbalized the chaos of the elements is focused. We move from 0 to 1, a direction is set and a new journey is embarked upon. To realize the desire we must maintain our focus. We do this through our will power which drives our determination. With this combination all things are possible and the power of the Magician is achieved. 

Today I contemplate that which I want to manifest in my life. I remember that I am not working in a void. My focus and determination can be shaped and manipulated by outside forces. It is by my will alone that I maintain my vision. 

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