Symbology 101: The Square

The Square; ever dependable, super strong, laying the foundations upon which we build. The square as a symbol is used throughout the Tarot and can be seen in many different variations. 

The Square as a foundation: Several thrones rest upon a square foundation. The foundation is a man made construct that creates ordered stability. It suggests that the essence of the card’s meaning stems from agreed upon terms. 

The Square as a cube: The Cube of Space is an occult concept derived from the teachings of the Kabbalah. It is a map of the cosmic energies wherein associations between the esoteric Hebrew alphabet and the Tarot are made. It is essentially a symbolic reference to the fool’s journey which can only be made in a physical body, so it symbolizes our travels to enlightenment while being grounded in the physical world. 

The Charioteer’s chariot is comprised of two Cubes of Space, one placed upon the other. This is a symbolic reference to “As Above; So Below”. Our Charioteer is literally embedded in the physical realm where he travels, but his inspiration and interpretation of his experience is in the spacial realm where his dreams reside. 

The Emperor’s throne is a Cube of Space. His control over his life experience is shown in the crossing of his legs in front of the cube. This action symbolically suggests that through his control he will drive his journey to enlightenment. 

The Magician’s Alter hints to the Cube of Space. The Magician’s alter is his focal point, so symbolically this suggests that the Magician’s focal point is all of existence. 

Judgement’s coffins are comprised of two rectangles and a square. The Adults are in rectangles because they actually represent not people but the mind, female: unconscious and male: conscious. It is the child, the product of the other two, that represents us and has an actual body, thus emerges from the Cube of Space. 

Temperance carries a combined symbol; the triangle within the square. The square: foundation/order/stability, contains the triangle: magic. Magic is possible when disciplined by order. The magic in Temperance is of course the transformation of self accomplished only when discipline and order is enacted. 

If I want the things that I build to last I must start first with a strong foundation. 

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