A Personal Journey Through the Tarot: The Lovers

Discernment in Decision Making 

Living in a fabricated illusion is a common problem. As the Buddhist philosophy suggests: our thoughts create the world. We see The Lovers card and we think it is telling a story about love but it is not. In this card the Angel, Eve and Adam are arranged in a very specific way that speaks to the workings of the human mind. The super conscious, the sub conscious and the conscious arranged as a triad, all in communion with each other. 

When we contemplate a problem using discernment, decision making is easier. We see things for what they are, and we gather as much information as possible before we arrive at a conclusion. We can consider the practical, the philosophical, the big picture and the minute details. We can formulate a clear vision of the final goal while trusting and integrating our intuition on the matter. Then we make a decision. Once the decision is made we can feel confident and not spend time second guessing ourselves. 

Today I draw The Lovers and reflect upon the decisions I face today.  Am I seeing the whole picture? Am I trusting myself? Do I have all the information I need? There is a common expression: Are you in your right mind? Instead I ask: Am I in my whole mind?

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