A Personal Journey Through The Tarot: 7 of Swords


The story being told in this card poses a couple of questions. What has been taken and who is the thief? When confronted with this card we often assume that we are the victims but sometimes, those who carry the victim attitude actively emotionally blackmail those around them making them the thief. 

In life there are all sorts of things more precious than money; time, ideas, honour, dignity and rights are just a few. If this card wanted to talk about the theft of things it would be the suit of pentacles not the suit of swords. This card always tells a deeper story when given context through the rest of the reading. 

Today I draw the 7 of Swords and reflect upon that which has been stolen. I ask myself if I inadvertently stole from another as I moved through my day? Have I let myself be robbed by not standing in defence of myself? Can I give freely without feeling pressured or obligated? 

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