A Personal Journey Through the Tarot: 6 of Pentacles


It can be said that there are 3 levels of charity. Helping those in your immediate family, helping those in your community and helping those all the world over. It is a true visionary who can see beyond the wellbeing of close family and community to spread their philanthropy to the entire world. 

This type of big picture thinking erases the “us and them” mentality. The ability to see every being, regardless of race, religion, culture and gender, as human, deserving dignity and respect requires strong self esteem and unwavering empathy. It is the quality of the true philanthropist. 

We are all one tribe of humans on an earth ship floating through space. Modern communication has made this planet a small place where we can no longer turn a blind eye to the misfortunes of others.  We will survive only as a single tribe taking care of those in need. 

Today I draw the 6 of Pentacles and reflect upon the charity I give to others. Do I give freely without  personal reward? Can I give without conditions or expectations? Is it me against the world always wanting to receive or is it all of us together striving for a better future?

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