A Personal Journey Through the Tarot: Temperance and the Kings

The King and the Land are One

Being King is not just about having power. The King has a duty to be in service of the people and the land which he rules. It should be about managing an environment in which the land and everyone who lives on it can thrive, elevating all involved. In democratic countries the King’s role is being filled by an elected government. Unfortunately many governments believe their countries need to be managed like a business where it’s all about the GNP and the money making potential of the land. This should not be the focus of a Good King. The focus of a Good King is actually being practiced by entrepreneurs who are members of the international organization of Rotary who’s motto is Service above Self.

Temperance is about being able to walk between worlds. The angel stands on both land and water suggesting that the power comes through successfully managing both the practical and intangible worlds. The angel also mixes fire and water suggesting the need for balance between passion and compassion. The angel itself is of the Air that speaks to the need for a strong intellectual capacity to be a moderator between all the other elements. Temperance is about rising ourselves up out of adversity constantly striving for something better. If the King takes on this attitude he knows that his rise is based on the rise of his charges. So what are the considerations of the King? It is actually revealed in the Rotary Four Way Test.

The King of Swords asks: Is it the truth?

The King of Cups asks: Is it Fair to all concerned?

The King of Wands asks: Will it build goodwill and better friendships?

The King of Pentacles asks: Will it be beneficial to all concerned?

Today I contemplate Temperance and the Kings. As a leader can I understand that it is not about me? What needs to be done to make sure that the needs of all involved are accounted for? How is it possible to moderate between those who want to make a profit and those who want to make a life?

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