A Personal Journey Through the Tarot: 3 of Pentacles


Most of us spend the majority of our lives working. A lot of us work because we feel there is no choice; bills must be paid, family must be fed. Some of us have actually found work in our chosen fields so not only are the bills being paid but we are finding purpose and pleasure in the work. Some of us are lucky enough to love our work so much it feels as if we are playing all day long. 

The Three of Pentacles is suggesting that there should be joy in the work we do. At the end of the day we should be able to be proud of our accomplishments, at the beginning of the day there should be excitement about what will be accomplished. A great sense of purpose in life is derived by finding work that we love to do, or if we are stuck, to find joy in the work we must do. 

Today I draw the Three of Pentacles and reflect upon what it is I am working on. Do I like my job?  Have I compromised my happiness because I think money is more important? Can I find a place of pride in the work I am forced to do? 

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