Stories of the Tableau 6

Lovers – Death – Judgement: Transformation

Every reader knows that when Death appears in a reading it is not usually referring to a literal death. We appease the concerned client by saying it is about sudden change. The same holds true for The Lovers. The Lovers is not really about love, it is about discernment in decision making. This can also be said about Judgement which is more accurately about realization. All three of these cards are not what they first appear to be so there is an air of uncertainty about them. 

All three cards depict a different relationship between an angel and humanity. This triad of Angel, man and woman is a depiction of how the mind works. The man is symbolic of the conscious mind, the woman; the subconscious, and the Angel; the Superconscious.

In the Lovers the conscious mind has an idea. He can see the mountain of attainment (that which he desires) and shares the desire with the subconscious who relays the desire to the Superconscious. The decision has been made so the process has begun. 

Death shows us that regardless of what the original idea was the consequences of the decision begin to happen. The process is now out of the control of the conscious and subconscious who become victims of the fall out along with everyone else around them. Careful what you wish for…you might just get it. 

The outcome is never truly as expected. Nuances of shape, size and personality outside of your realm of influence are inevitable. It may not be the result you expected but it is the child of the original decision and is your responsibility. Judgement talks about the realization gained when we claim that responsibility.

Today I contemplate the nature of transformation. Every transformation begins with a commitment to a decision, works through its consequences and results in a manifestation. Regardless of outcome my ability to live without regret comes from taking responsibility for every step along the way. 

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