A Personal Journey Through the Tarot: Knight of Swords


The Knight of Swords is a whirl wind of activity. They are quick thinkers, excellent multitaskers, and are prepared to take risks. Once involved in a quest, this knight is all in! The Knight of Swords loves a good debate and is constantly on the look out for a worthy intellectual sparing partner. Willing to debate ruthlessly yet not taking the argument personally is one of their strengths, so if you are up against this knight make sure you are not emotionally invested. 

When ill-defined this Knight’s spontaneity turns into impulsiveness. They have difficulty working a plan through to its conclusion and can have a tendency to steal other’s ideas and run with them. What would normally be a talent of multi-tasking can turn into an attention deficit disorder. 

Today I draw the The Knight of Swords and consider my motivation. Am I acting out as a quick fix or do I have a plan of action laid out that will take me where I want to go? Am I a fool rushing in where angels fear to tread?

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