A Personal Journey Through the Tarot: The Hermit and the Nines


When the Hermit is alone he cultivates wisdom. In the cultivation of wisdom he is able to rise above the mundane trials and tribulations of life and concentrate on the bigger picture of humanity. With wisdom comes compassion, understanding and humility. It is a type of personal mastery few are able to obtain. All his fears, doubts and egotistical tendencies have been discovered and exposed. He is no longer afraid of the dark. How did he do it? He travelled through the Nines.  

Nine of Swords; The Hermit is able to be alone in the night and squarely face this doubts and anxieties that arise at 3am. He has learned how to comfort himself. 

Nine of Cups; The Hermit fearlessly confronts his addictions and distractions and is willing to enact the will power to overcome them. He has learned self discipline.

Nine of Wands; The Hermit is able to be alone at the end of an ordeal and assimilate all that has just happened. He has learned self awareness.

Nine of Pentacles; The Hermit is able to be alone at the top of his accomplishments and know they have value without recognition. He has learned self control.

Today I contemplate the Hermit and the Nines. Am I able to experience the trials and joys of life without receiving constant feedback from the outside world? Does my sense of value come from me or is it dependant on others?

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