A Personal Journey Through the Tarot: Strength and the Eights

Trial by Fire

The type of Strength experienced in this card does not come easily. It is acquired through trial and tribulation, forged through adversity and gestated through patience. We are not entitled to this strength, we must earn it.  What must we do to gain this strength? The secret is in the Eights. 

Eight of Swords; You must identify where and how you are oppressed. What ideas and attitudes are keeping you from reaching your full potential? Sometimes it is hard to see your path away from these limiting and constricting ideas, but this is your first test; a test of will. 

Eight of Cups; You must have the capacity to dream of a better way. It is hard to walk away from security and comfort and all that you know but if it is limiting you then you must be able to dream a bigger dream. This is your second test; a test of courage.

Eight of Pentacles: You must have the determination required to lay the foundation of skills needed to take you to your new horizon. Retraining and specializing a skill set can be demanding and overwhelming but is necessary to succeed. This is your third test; a test of endurance. 

Eight of Wands: You must have the commitment needed when it is time to go. You have worked hard to forge yourself into a new you, now trust that you can live the new life you have worked so hard to achieve. This is the fourth test; a test of dedication. 

Today I contemplate Strength and the Eights. Do I have what it takes to forge a new way for myself? Do I have the will, courage, endurance and dedication to reach my goal? Once I strike out on this path do I have the strength to complete the journey? 

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