A Personal Journey Through The Tarot: Death

The Ultimate Leveller 

All are equal in the face of Death. Wealth, status and influence make no difference, death is inevitable. Life is a sexually transmitted disease that is 100% fatal. We will all, each and everyone of us, die and while we live, at some point, we will all experience a loved one’s death. We live in a culture obsessed with avoiding the reality and inevitability of death. 

We have come up with all sorts of belief structures that support the idea that life goes on after death. These unverifiable mythologies lead the living to be consumed by the well being of those who have passed ever longing for the time of reunion with those we have lost. I estimate that 90% of seekers want to know that after a life of trials, tribulations and pain those who have passed have found peace. I want to know how those who are still alive are going to find peace. 

Pain and emotional suffering are caused by owning a body, which is just an accident prone unsupervised chemical factory. When we die we lose our body, so no more pain and suffering. The dead are dead. They live on in our memories, our genetics and our stories. Remember them and they will always be with you. 

Today I draw Death and remember those who I have lost. Young and old through tragedy and peace people in my life have died. Without a belief in an ultimate supreme being who passes judgement I am never left asking why. 

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