A Personal Journey Through the Tarot: The Chariot and the Sevens


The decision from The Lovers card has been made, you are about to embark on a fantastic adventure that will lead you to realize all of your dreams. The excitement and enthusiasm are palpable. This is the time of the Chariot. This could be a scary time in life, striking out on your own and making decisions for your self, yet the Charioteer is filled with joy and confidence. How so? What is his secret? It lies in the Sevens. Before the Charioteer drives away he pauses, breaths and checks to see if all is packed.

Seven of Cups: is the map packed? Do we know where we are going? It is nice to dream about a journey but if you are unsure of whether to go right or left at the end of the driveway, you are not going very far. 

Seven of Pentacles: is the cooler packed? If you do not have adequate supplies or means of support your journey will be cut short.

Seven of Swords: are your passport, tickets and money in a safe place? Are you blundering out into the world with a naivety that will easily be taken advantage of the moment you are alone? 

Seven of Wands: are you fully fuelled up? When out in the world we no longer have the backing of our mentors and teachers. We need to stand up for ourselves and have the determination to follow through on our choices. If your passion and determination for the adventure is fleeting you will not go far. 

Today I contemplate the Chariot and the Sevens. Planning and prep work can be arduous but it leads to a relaxed and joyful attitude during the execution of the task. Measure twice and cut once. 

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