A Personal Journey Through the Tarot: The Lovers and the Sixes


The Lovers is about decision making. It is an illustration about how we think and what goes into making up our minds.  Every decision we make we hope is the best one as we continuously strive to make life better and more beautiful. The sixes show us how this is done. 

The Six of Cups is the idealism that we root our decision in. It is why we ask if the decision is the best one we can make. We are constantly comparing where we are going with an ideal that is formulated by our past. 

The Six of Swords is us committing to the idea. Regardless of what others think or say, we have made this decision and will move forward on it. The path is now being created by us as we move upon it. The entire venture is powered by our conviction and commitment to the idea. 

The Six of Pentacles is the need to back the idea with resources. If you are not willing to go all in then others will have a difficult time also committing to the idea. 

The Six of Wands is the goal successfully reached. Life is about moving forward. We find success in the venture when we can make a decision, commit to it, and throw our resources behind it. If we spend our time constantly second guessing ourselves this process falls apart and victory will never be obtained. 

Today I contemplate the Lovers and the Sixes. Can I feel confident in knowing my decision is sound? Once I have made my decision am I able to fully commit to the venture? Do I have what it takes to follow through on my decision? 

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