A Personal Journey Through the Tarot: Pentacles


Money is not evil or dirty. Money is just our collective lowest common denominator used to make trade easier. Like all our tools it is neutral. Without it we would all always need to carry goats or eggs with us to trade. Money is what has allowed us to become specialists. I can do the one thing I’m good at all day long. If society values my skill and pays me accordingly, I don’t have to run a farm to create commodities to carry around with me all day long. I don’t have to spend days finding a plumber who needs my specific skill to fix my toilet. 

The suit of pentacles tells the a tale of our relationship with money. We start with a desire of what we want to build and think in terms of how much it may cost. We then have to find a way to juggle the parts of our lives necessary to make that desire a reality. If we are lucky we love what we do and are paid well for it. This then allows us the ability to save and be prudent so we can begin to lay the foundation for our desire. Then the reality of the true cost of our desire hits us and we begin to worry about having enough. We seek out the help we need to cover the short fall. Luckily all our work pays off and we see a return on our investments. This in turn inspires us to work harder and hone our skills even more. Finally our desire has been reached and we feel pride in the accomplishment. Then it becomes our legacy, something to share with all we call family. 

Today I contemplate the suit of pentacles. As humans it is in our nature to build and create things. Finding value in what we create and build is the foundation of our economies. If we spend our money with the same type of care and consideration that goes into making it we support our economies and we all can benefit

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