A Personal Journey Through the Tarot: Wands


As humans it is our nature to build and create things. First we need to make things work to sustain ourselves. Then we need to make things work to fulfil our selves with a sense of purpose. Then we need to make things work to leave a lasting impression of ourselves. Once one need is satisfied another arises so we are forever driven to remain in action, building and creating. Inherently life has no meaning other than the meaning we give it. A great sense of satisfaction comes from reaching a goal, forging a relationship and fulfilling a need. It is in these places we create for ourselves that we find meaning. 

The Suit of Wands is an exploration of this path to find meaning in our lives. To desire with no tangible plan is where the prime starts us. Then we find mastery in our passion which allows us to see where our activities can lead us. Relationships forged and contracts agreed upon help us to integrate our passion into the greater whole of society, but as humans are fickle conflict undoubtedly arises. Extreme satisfaction comes from winning the capacity to stay true to your passion, but can you defend the actions you may have done to reach your victory? Getting down to the work of the matter can lead to all sorts of places while focus and rest help to maintain the original desire. Now the thing has been created and it is probably bigger than you. It needs to be maintained not just for you but for all those who got involved along the way.

Today I contemplate the Suit of Wands and think upon my industry. After all this time does it still give my life meaning? Is my desire fulfilled by my actions? Do I still feel passion in my purpose? 

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