Stories of the Tableau 1

Magician – Strength – Devil

The Magician is all about manifesting. According to the Tarot this is a skill that requires focus (Table), a firm grasp of the four elements (tools on the table), a blend of intuition and knowledge (roses and lilies), an understanding of the cosmos (Lemniscate) and a respect for time (Ouroboros). Although the Magician must be pure of mind and body (white robe and headband), in order to manifest anything, he must also wear his red cloak of desire. If the Magician stays in balance like this all things are possible. The trick for The Magician lies in managing his desire. The red cloak of desire is easy to don and easy to remove. This choice is subject to the Magician’s will. 

When desire begins to gain strength it becomes something that needs to be managed, befriended and tamed. The Goddess of Fortitude also has purity of body (white robe) and an understanding of the Cosmos (Lemniscate) but is now focused entirely on managing her desire (red lion). She is bound to her desire, she has no choice but to travel with it. Her ability to manifest is gone but her stamina and endurance are unparalleled, strengthened by the sheer force of desire. Although she is far from the Mountain of Attainment, she will have no trouble reaching it if she manages her desire properly. 

If the Magician looses his capacity to enforce his will power over his desire he becomes Strength. Now he must be in constant negotiation with his desire, never again is he able to remove the cloak. If he looses this negotiation his desire takes over completely and he suffers in the realm of the Devil, attached to illusion with a total loss of will power and fortitude. This is the pit fall of The Secret.

Today I contemplate my desire to manifest. Energy follows intent but it also needs to be backed up by will power and determination. If I am not clear about my desire it could be my undoing. 

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