A Personal Journey Through the Tarot: 9 of Wands

Rest Between Battles

It is important to be able to fight for what you want in life. Becoming your own warrior makes you strong and resilient. But if you are fighting constantly you will burn out before you reach your goal. It is important to rest between battles and take time to reassess your strategy. Do not fight just for the sake of fighting. Always remember what it is you are fighting for so you don’t get lost in the individual battles. Rest, breath and reassess. 

Sometimes life can feel like it is just a constant struggle, one challenge after another with barely time to breath in between. If this is the case then something must give. We often struggle because we fight battles which are not ours to fight. Somewhere we decided it is up to us to make the lives of those we love as smooth as possible without suffering or conflict. We take up their battles without actually asking if that is what is needed or wanted. Fighting our own battles makes us stronger and instills self confidence. This is a challenge we should not deny others.

Today I draw the 9 of Wands and reflect upon what it is I am fighting for. Am I fighting for the right reasons? Is it my fight? Do I need to reassess how I am approaching this problem?

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