A Personal Journey Through the Tarot: Page of Cups


The Page of Cups heralds a new inspiration and begs that you do something about it. Often, especially while looking at fine art, people say that they are just not creative. That they could never create such a work of art as the one in front of them. Unfortunately that just suggests that they have not yet actually recognized their own creativity. Creativity comes in so many forms. It is expressed in how you raise your children, how you plant your garden, how you make a meal, how you dress in the morning, how you interact with people, how you decorate your space, how you run your business, how you do you job, … 

Creativity is a natural human expression. We are constantly creating and co-creating all parts of our lives. Recognizing and honouring how we are personally creative is the beginning of being able to trust our intuition and to make something marvellous. From cupcakes to fine art, creativity is at the heart of everything. 

Today I draw the Page of Cups and return to my studio. The void between projects feels like a desert in the middle of the jungle of my creations.  While in the desert I will clean and organize until the rains of creativity return.

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