A Personal Journey Through the Tarot: Justice and the Pages

The Examined Life

As we are raised we are taught the views and beliefs of our tribe. When we finally strike out on our own we have an opportunity to question those beliefs and assumptions and rework them to make them beneficial and not detrimental. That is the work of Justice. You can do this by examining each area of your life through the Pages. The Pages are the throne of the element they represent. All the Kings sit upon a thrown. It is the seat of their power. This suggests then that the secret of the power of the elements rests in the Pages. 

Page of Swords: Thoughts move through us like the wind. This is the place to start. Attitude is everything. Every time you hear a limiting thought stop and ask yourself: Who said that? Is it you or your Mother or your Father? Is it your belief or is it the belief of your tribe? Does that thought serve or restrict you? You can change the way you think. In fact; it is easier to change your mind than it is to change your shirt. It all starts with awareness. 

Page of Wands: Passion burns like fire. If you feel inspired and motivated then your fire is healthy. Your fire is unhealthy if you are explosive, angry and aggressive. It is also unhealthy if you are lethargic and unmotivated. Fire needs three things to be healthy. A good hearth to burn in; a healthy body, fuel to burn; a good diet, and oxygen; breath. Regardless of how your fire is unbalanced, it can be healed through exercise and movement. 

Page of Cups: Emotions flow through us like water. To be properly contained emotions need to be recognized and honoured. If no one in your life does that for you, you need to do it for yourself. When you take time to recognize, honour, pamper and appease your emotions you can regain control. Emotions are driven by chemical and hormonal changes inherent in our bodies. If you take care of your body it becomes a more suitable container for your emotions. 

Page of Pentacles: Our physical well being is grounded in the earth. It is easier to feed, cloth and shelter ourselves when we have money but remember money is just a symbol of the lowest common denominator. Elementally speaking that is Earth. Earth is our body. If you can’t make more money, then your only option is to budget what you have. Create a priority list of what is important; food, clothing and shelter and make sure those are taken care of first. Money is a renewable resource only if you are healthy enough to make it so. When you care for your body it cares for everything else. Healthy body: healthy mind. Healthy Body: good hearth. Healthy body: secure emotional container. It all comes down to how you care for your body. 

Today I contemplate Justice and the Pages. The unexamined life is not worth living. – Socrates. To decide what is Just/Right for me and my life I need to do a little self examination. Through the pages I ask myself: Are my beliefs Just? Is my passion fuelled? Are my emotions honoured? Am I taking care of the essentials? 

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