A Personal Journey Through the Tarot: The Moon

Beyond the Beyond

When faced with a challenge we have two options, plow ahead or walk away. Plowing ahead is a brave choice especially if you believe you are not up to the task. Along with a sense of pride and personal growth, the confidence to plow ahead again becomes part of the rewards if you succeed. 

The Moon talks about this journey of self discovery. To muster the courage to tackle a situation that may seem bigger than you and to succeed fosters more courage to do it again and again.  The end result is a bigger, brighter, better you. It is one thing to have the desire to reach for the Moon, it is another thing to succeed. 

Today I draw the The Moon and reflect upon my challenges. Am I prepared to face them squarely? Can I step outside my comfort zone to rise to the occasion? Can I do so with a sense of adventure and a pioneering spirit or am I too afraid of failure to even try? 

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