A Personal Journey Through the Tarot: The Wheel and the Tens

Risk is our business 

This entire life experience is about the health and good of the body. When arguing with the computer Landru in The Return of the Archons; James Kirk says: “Without freedom of choice, there is no creativity. Without creativity there is no life, the body dies. “ and Spock reiterates: “Creativity is necessary for the health of the body.” 

When we consider the 10’s of the minor arcana we think of them as a conclusion or goal. But actually they are a limit. The limit that pushes us over the edge and forces us to strive towards our next goal, change being the only constant.

It is easy to see the 10 of Swords this way. What doesn’t kill us it makes us stronger is a common belief that suggests defeat is just a stepping stone to greater things. The important thing for the health of the body is to get up and make that change. 

It is more difficult to see the 10 of Cups this way. Yet, it is asinine to think that once you have reached your ultimate happy place you will be completely satisfied with life. The 10 of Cups was Landru’s concept of the healthy body; peace and tranquility. But without creativity there is no life, the body dies. Creativity flies in the face of peace and tranquility. Creativity creates change.

We may assume it is an easy choice to step away from the burden of the 10 of Wands, but the 10 of Wands is actually talking about a different type of obtained wealth. The wealth associated with the ties that bind us to our community and all the responsibilities and obligations that go along with that. As we support the community the community in return supports us. We find a sense of self and purpose here, yet when these responsibilities and obligations become a burden, for the health of the body, change is required; it is time to retire. 

The 10 of Pentacles seems like the ultimate goal. So why is it that there are so many who, once they have reached this goal just continue striving for more? Like an addiction, the drive for more wealth just never seems to be satisfied even though we know obscene personal wealth leads to an unbalance that harms society. What of those who are born into this type of wealth? If this is the ultimate goal why do they self destruct so easily? Being born at the finish line can take a sense of purpose away from a person. The health of the body requires creativity. Creativity gives purpose and it also changes the goal. 

Today I contemplate the Wheel and the Tens. James T. Kirk says in Return to Tomorrow; “I don’t believe we can stop. In fact, through all our existence the frightened and faint hearted have been warning men not to push any farther not to learn any more, not to hope, grow and exceed themselves. I don’t believe we can stop, I don’t believe we are meant too.”

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