A Personal Journey Through the Tarot: Queen of Cups

The Care Giver

Empathy runs deep in the Queen of Cups. These natural nurturers have a tendency to completely give themselves over to caring for others. Often seen in the healthcare or social service industries they find a great sense of purpose in a helpful roll. Patience, compassion and empathy are their strongest qualities. 

Unfortunately, when these Queens are ill-defined, they can become martyrs. Emotionally kidnapping their charges and demanding continuous full attention. For a Queen of Cups to remain healthy, strict boundaries and personal alone time should be maintained. Spending time alone allows these Queens the reflective moments that help build a strong sense of self. When a Queen of Cups goes for a soak in the tub they should not be disturbed. 

Today I draw the The Queen of Cups and reflect upon my meditative practice. I am Aum…

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