A Personal Journey Through the Tarot: 5 of Swords


Some people love a good argument. Other’s love a good debate. The difference between these two is the emotional engagement and the need to win. A debate easily slides into a full argument when the ego gets involved. When one of the participants has such low self esteem that the hormonal boost gained by the “win” becomes more important that the people they are in discourse with. 

If you know who you are and you know what is right, true and just for you, you loose the need to prove it. Without the need to prove yourself to others you also do not need to defend your choices to others. The need to win an argument is then no longer a driving force. When confronted by someone geared to argue it out and reign triumphant a simple smile and a comment like; “that’s nice” or “I hope that works for you” diffuses their fight. Argumentative people need someone willing to defend themselves in order to get what they are looking for. 

Today I draw the Five of Swords and reflect upon the my last argument. Was it my way or the highway? Was the point worth the pain and suffering I caused? Fighting is easy; am I strong enough to apologize? 

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