A Personal Journey Through the Tarot: The Wheel


The only constant in life is change. Humans are so successful a species because we adapt quickly to change. We are found living in almost every place on this earth no matter how extreme the environment because we are problem solvers, inventors and we can handle change. It amazes me how quickly the new can become the accustomed norm. We so quickly forget the way things used to be as we forge fearlessly towards the future. This is the trait that will allow us to survive the shift in climate as well as the terrible tragedies we inflict upon ourselves. 

Yet on a personal level so many people resist change. We find comfort in the known no matter how severe and detrimental it may be. So many of us refuse to take the Fool’s leap unless we know exactly where and how we are going to land. It is helpful to remember that life is what we make of it. When change inevitably happens, as it will, no matter how scary or sudden, there will always be hidden in it an opportunity for self realization.  A lifetime’s bad habit can be changed, with will power and determination, in just 28 days.  

Today I draw the Wheel and reflect upon my ability to adapt to change. Do I resist it and cause nothing but suffering or do I embrace it and find the hidden opportunity? Can I be flexible so the change just bends me or will I remain rigid and break? Time to face the strange changes. 

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