A Personal Journey Through the Tarot: 2 of Cups


Love is a multi-faceted thing. Due to it being an emotional response everyone’s experience of love is different. Even when two people have fallen in love with each other, they are both experiencing something different. It can be prudent not to make assumptions of how your partner is experiencing and defining this thing you believe you are both sharing. It is also wise to try to define what it means to be in love with each other, what the boundaries and expectations are. 

As a couple stays together over time, love changes. Hopefully it evolves with the couple, so as their needs change so does the expression and experience of love. On a very physical level, the longer a couple stays together the chemistry of love changes. Some people can actually become addicted to the chemistry the body creates when a relationship is new, so they have a hard time staying in a relationship always seeking the rush that comes with new love. 

When a relationship is working, both parties are respecting, empathizing and caring for each other. I have found it works best when both parties take responsibility for their own happiness. Two strong autonomous individuals choosing to travel the path of life together, experiencing their own lives while, at the same time, sharing with and supporting each other. The moment one becomes lost in the other, martyring their needs for the totality of the other, the elegant balance of love is lost. 

Today I draw the 2 of Cups and reflect upon my love. I am grateful for the respect and support I have received from my partner over the years. I am grateful for the opportunities of growth and learning the relationship has afforded me. My love has taught me compassion, empathy and patience.

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