A Personal Journey Through the Tarot: The Hermit


There is a difference between alone and lonely. As most introverts know, alone can be a wonderful state of being. With no outside influence to tell you how to think and feel, those who spend time alone can figure that out for themselves. Being alone allows time to sift through the detritus of life to find out what actually belongs to you and what you actually want to claim as your own. Your own beliefs, your own reactions, your own philosophy. Spending time alone is the only way to develop yourself so that you are not just a reflection of those around you, but are really and truly you. 

For those who are fearful of being lonely, know this: If you are your own very best friend you can spend a life time alone and never be lonely. Gaining a sense of self from the inside out instead of the outside in means that you will never lose yourself, no matter what situation you find yourself in. A while back the High Priestess set the task to Know Thyself. It is during the time of the Hermit that this task is completed.

Today I draw the Hermit and reflect upon my alone time. Do I make room in my life for personal quiet time or am I afraid of the quiet spaces and strive to fill them? Can I sit for even 2 minutes without pulling out my phone to distract me? 

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