A Personal Journey Through the Tarot: 6 of Wands


Congratulations! You have succeeded and your community wishes to celebrate you. You have gone there and back again. You have slain your dragons and saved the day! This is the return of the hero!

The hero’s journey is an interesting one that includes fixing problems experienced by your community. The hero has to leave the community to do so. They meet interesting people along the way who giving them skills, then they are off to destroy whatever it is that is causing the trouble. Then the hero returns to be recognized for their efforts. This journey is a right of passage in which the hero is inevitably changed. There is a sacrifice of innocence upon this journey, the person who returns is not the person who left. 

Today I draw the Six of Wands and reflect upon my success. Was I honourable along the way? Was the sacrifice worth it? Am I a better person now than when I started?

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